essential oils

the quintessence of plants, all the vital principles,all the scent, all the high vibration from nature to mankind.

the essential oils are the most precious gift of nature.

we obtain the pure natural essential oils, distilling the plants, flowers, roots, seeds or balms & resins, with water steam only, at the precise presure and temperature, we also obtain essential oils by expression of the rinds of citrus; only in this case we're talking about essential oils, that we can use in aromatherapy.


the art of healing body, mind and spirit through the use of pure natural essential oils.

the body : nurtured by the best substances we can extract naturally from nature.

the mind : by the scent, that can evoque infinite different states of perception of life.

the spirit : uplifted by the high vibration of the life contained in every single drop.

when we realize the triple constitution of human beings, the use of essential oils becomes one of the most complete way of healing art on our days and in the future.


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